Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Re-allocation of Resources: what an idea!

Isn't it funny how sometimes it never occurs to reallocate resources from one part of life to another.  I own an event management company and sitting in my resource room was metres and metres of calico (or otherwise referred to by sewers as muslin), which we had purchased and used for an event a few years ago.  After the event we took it off the walls, folded it up and stored it for the next event where we might need it.

In the mean time, I am searching the internet for where I could purchase some cheap muslin for my sewing projects.   I figured that if I purchased in bulk it should be cheaper and I would get a few projects.

An then it dawned on me - I have metres of the fabric in the event resource room doing nothing, and even if I just got 1% of what is there that will last me at least a year of sewing projects.  So to the resource room and vol-la, just what I was looking for. 

The model here is our new little puppy "Jayjay", at just 3 months old he is a tiny maltese chihuahua cross, who thought it would be great fun to play in my fabric as I was ironing it.

All pressed and folded ready for my next sewing project - which by the way is a Cambie dress - I know, I'm all about the dress at the moment.

Note to self:  what other resource can I find and re-allocate to my sewing box?
Another thought:  wonder if I could sell this stuff and turn resource into cash for more dress fabric?

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