Thursday, 23 July 2015

Going for Casual

This is my most recent make, because blogging about things in the order I make them just isn't the done thing!

Sophie cardigan

Sophie is the new pattern release by Muse Patterns.  Sophie is a cute, sporty cardigan - a fitted style, which curves gently in at the waist and flares out again over your hips. Raglan sleeves add a casual touch and also give great opportunities for mixing fabric, which is exactly what I did.

Sophie cardigan

I was lucky enough to be one of the testers for this pattern.  I cut a size 36. BTW I love the sizing of Muse Patterns - they are designed for the taller woman with a slightly bigger bottom half than top half, so I pretty much fit straight into a 36.

This pattern comes with so many collar options and front closure options that every version I've seen so far looks completely unique.  I chose to make the v-neck button up version, but as you can see I applied domes instead of buttons.

Oh, and there are two different pocket options.  I was really taken by the half circle at the side seam.

Sophie cardigan

The entrance is just enough to fit my hand into, and spans the entire front of the jacket.

Sophie cardigan

You could have so much fun with these pockets.  Not only the trim but the pocket lining could be a third contrast colour.

The sleeves are nice and long, as you would expect for the taller woman, and are perfect for me without having to lengthen at all - whoop whoop!  I know not everyone has long arms, and it's not the most complicated adjustment to make, but just not having to worry is a bonus.

Okay, enough about my Sophie, you should get on over to Muse Patterns and check out the lovely cherry red version with a collar and zip-up front.  It is delicious!

A few more photos on my Flickr -->

Saturday, 4 July 2015

#NISM2015 I'm going, what about you?

This is gonna be fun! A weekend to just sew some new clothes and hang-out with other cool people doing the same. There are loads of other things planned, all revolving around sewing of course!

It's time to get out from behind our computers/mobile devices and come face to face with all our social media friends as well as new ones. If you don't want to come alone, that is understandable, but all you have to do is convince a friend to come to - easy!  I'll be there, so there will be at least one person you cyber know.  I'm sure you also know the organisers as well, The Curious Kiwi and Flossie FT.

All the details can be found HERE, while you're there sign-up and come join us on 1-2 August in Rotorua.

 See you at NISM2015 :-)

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Ponte Morris Blazer

The Grainline Studio Morris Blazer is the ideal casual smart clothing item that fits perfectly into my wardrobe. The appeal of this pattern is that it is intended for a knit fabric (or a stretch woven). I imagine that it would wear like a cardigan in a knit.

I downloaded the PDF pattern from the Grainline Studio website, dug out some black ponte from the stash and set to.

Ponte Morris Blazer

I traced off a size 10 and made just one alteration.  I'm not really a 3/4 length sleeve kinda girl, so I lengthen the arms by 6 1/2", allowing for a 1" hem.  I did away with the sleeve facing because I thought the ponte would behave better with a turned up hem.

For the facing I used a merino remnant from my Gillian Wrap Dress, a very fine stripe in a grey. This was much much lighter than the ponte so I used an equally heavy knit fusible interfacing - that worked a treat.

Ponte Morris Blazer

I stitched all the seams on the sewing machine using a zig zag 1.5 1.5 stitch and finished each seam on the overlocker (serger).  Nothing usually makes it off the sewing table without a touch of hand sewing - this Blazer was no exception, I used a catch stitch to tack the collar facing to the back neck seam.

Ponte Morris Blazer

Now ... See those annoying wee bubbles  at the bottom of the front in the photo below - I wasn't sure whether I'd done something or whether it's a result of the knit fabric???  I did a bit of a search of other blogs and noticed it on some other knit versions as well, so figured that it wasn't just me.  But it could be that the facing is a tad shorter than the front piece caused by either incorrect cutting or that the interfacing slightly shrunk the facing piece.  Anyway the knit fabric moves and wiggles in every direction when I'm wearing it so I figured it doesn't really matter that much - I'm probably the only one noticing!!

Work in Progress

The Blazer wears beautifully.  The only thing that I would change next time would be to lower the side seam at the under the arm; it's a tad high which restricts what I can wear under it and creates pulling when I look at photos of the back.