Sunday, 31 March 2013

Cotton Eyelet Couture

I feel in love with this cotton eyelet fabric on one of my visits to Global Fabrics.  I wasn't too excited about it being brown but immediately found this dark chocolate cotton lycra blend - it just seemed perfect for my next couture dress using my skills acquired from the Craftsy Couture Dress class. 
The end result ... a beautiful fitting dress that I absolutely love - the only question now is what shoes to wear!

However, I must fess that I only put the silk organsa interlining on the top and midriff band.  I felt the cotton lycra fabric I used for the skirt was already heavy enough that it just needed a lining.   Doing this also balanced the weight in the two fabrics. The inside of the dress is also two toned. 
I inserted the lining completely by hand - although this takes longer it gives me far more control than trying to machine it in ... and far more satisfying (for me anyway).

Both were taken from my fabric stash.  The top lining was left over from my pattern morphing top and the bottom, I'm not sure what I originally bought it for!

The pattern is this Vogue Options Misse's Dress V8633.  Because I'm more of a rectangle shape I had to make adjustments to the midriff band and skirt.  While the pattern isn't recommended for the rectangular body shape I think that it has given my body some shape and gives the illusion that I do have a waist!
More photos - just 'cos I can
(shoes are undecided so none at this stage)
Love the stand up collar
The shape of the sleeve balances up the hips
When it gets a bit cooler I can pair this with my Minrou Jacket :-)

Monday, 25 March 2013

Robson Pattern

I'm sure by now you've seen the new Robson Trench from Sewaholic Patterns.  I'm so exciting my pattern arrived today in the mail (having a party on the inside!)

Super impressed with the delivery times from Canada to NZ - less than a week I think!  So I guess you will all know what I will be doing this Easter Holiday!

I've taken a bit of inspiration from Katie Holmes for fabric, but want to go for a darker bronze brown, and most definitely shiny :-)

I really like the idea of lining the coat so I can wear it in the winter months as well, so thinking of using the same technique as Novita (Very Purple Person) and sew the lining to each piece as you would an interlining.  This may also give the coat the 'special' feel that I'm looking for.  Once I've made the first one I might be brave enough to attempt to line the coat with a full lining or hope that Tasia has enough requests for this that she might blog some tips on 'how to' before then.

Okay, just need to find some time between now and Thursday to get o the fabric store. 

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Cambie Couture

Earlier this year I enrolled in my first Craftsy course 'The Couture Dress'.  I watched all the videos before starting but couldn't wait for the course pattern to arrive, so decided to use the Cambie Sewaholic Pattern. This is my fabulous new dress which I have entitled my Cambie Couture.

I so need to stop taking photos at the end of the day after I've worn it for a day - all you can see is sitting wrinkles!

Susan Khalje is an amazing teacher, I really enjoyed her teaching style and techniques along the way.  She effortlessly talks to the camera like she is talking to you sitting right in front of her.  I learnt so much in this class that it has really changed the way I sew. 
This was the first garment that I attached an interlining as well as lining.  It gives the dress such a quality feel when it's finished and the dress sits beautifully.
The final product is just as I imaged it.  I love the subtle pattern on the fabric and the green is perfect.  The little black dress with touch of colour!  Maybe I just need a green belt instead of a black one?
I am definitely making the Cambie again (great pattern) and I'm already onto my next dress using the couture techniques.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Meet my new Janome

A couple of weeks ago my trusty 20+ year Elna sewing machine felt far too over worked and died.  I loved my Elna, it's been everywhere I have and lasted the distance, probably more than I ever thought it would of when I brought it.

This time I've brought a Janome.  Which I must say is very similar in style to my Elna 5000 but just with a few more modern features and functions.  Thank goodness because it hasn't taken me long at all to become very comfortable with it's operation - it wasn't like learning everything all over again.

This baby is my all time favourite feature (now that my eyesight isn't what it was 20 years ago!) this is the automatic needle threader - oh and so easy to use.  Pull down that little white leaver to the left in the picture, loop thread across then push back up to recess into the machine and hey presto!

My next most favourite feature is the scissors - one press of that little button and the thread automatically cuts, so all I have to do is lift the foot and remove the fabric.  No more wasted thread all over my floor that my vacuum hates.

If this machine lasts the distance of my last one, the investment would equate to $49.95 per year for the ability to make my own wardrobe.  I feel like I am in heaven.