Monday, 4 March 2013

Meet my new Janome

A couple of weeks ago my trusty 20+ year Elna sewing machine felt far too over worked and died.  I loved my Elna, it's been everywhere I have and lasted the distance, probably more than I ever thought it would of when I brought it.

This time I've brought a Janome.  Which I must say is very similar in style to my Elna 5000 but just with a few more modern features and functions.  Thank goodness because it hasn't taken me long at all to become very comfortable with it's operation - it wasn't like learning everything all over again.

This baby is my all time favourite feature (now that my eyesight isn't what it was 20 years ago!) this is the automatic needle threader - oh and so easy to use.  Pull down that little white leaver to the left in the picture, loop thread across then push back up to recess into the machine and hey presto!

My next most favourite feature is the scissors - one press of that little button and the thread automatically cuts, so all I have to do is lift the foot and remove the fabric.  No more wasted thread all over my floor that my vacuum hates.

If this machine lasts the distance of my last one, the investment would equate to $49.95 per year for the ability to make my own wardrobe.  I feel like I am in heaven.


  1. Wow, Sandra! Sure sounds like Heaven to me!! Enjoy your sewing!! :-)

    1. Thanks, I am looking forward to another weekend of playing with my new toy!