Monday, 25 March 2013

Robson Pattern

I'm sure by now you've seen the new Robson Trench from Sewaholic Patterns.  I'm so exciting my pattern arrived today in the mail (having a party on the inside!)

Super impressed with the delivery times from Canada to NZ - less than a week I think!  So I guess you will all know what I will be doing this Easter Holiday!

I've taken a bit of inspiration from Katie Holmes for fabric, but want to go for a darker bronze brown, and most definitely shiny :-)

I really like the idea of lining the coat so I can wear it in the winter months as well, so thinking of using the same technique as Novita (Very Purple Person) and sew the lining to each piece as you would an interlining.  This may also give the coat the 'special' feel that I'm looking for.  Once I've made the first one I might be brave enough to attempt to line the coat with a full lining or hope that Tasia has enough requests for this that she might blog some tips on 'how to' before then.

Okay, just need to find some time between now and Thursday to get o the fabric store. 


  1. Oh lovely idea about the colour and the shine. Thanks too for the link an note about Novita's interlining'y tip...

    Hope you found some fab fabric and are sewing up a storm .... perhaps at the Fabric Warehouse??! ;)

    1. Yesterday I discovered the Fabric Warehouse for the first time and just couldn't resist the knits - now just need to find time to sew them :-)

  2. Ohh I am excited to see your version! Let me know if you would like some tips for the interlining or you get stuck, happy to help :)

    You should come along to one of our Wellington Sewing Bloggers meets, let me know if you are keen, I’ll give you some more info, we have a lot of fun, promise.

    1. Trench coat now a trench jacket - have had to shorten to make it fit on my fabric (no more in the shop!). Going well so far.
      Keen to come along to a meet - let me kno

    2. I think Novita shortened hers, or maybe it just looks short because she cut a size 0 and I cut a 12? Either way shorter still looks pretty fab.

      Our next meet is teed up for after Fabric-a-brac at 1pm on April 27th...we don't have a location yet, probably near by at a cafe, maybe Newtown. I will be putting it up on my blog closer to the time :) If you can't make it this month in May we are doing another Yum Char lunch, at Dragons in Tory Street. I hope you can come along soon :)