Friday, 12 October 2012

Progress with my Minoru

I am so happy with how my Minoru Jacket is coming along.  I've just finished attaching the lining to the outer jacket and just have the finishing bits and pieces to do now.

My Minoru Jacket - Sewist Stitch

I wasn't exactly 'in love' with the material I had chosen, but it continues to grow on me more and more as the fabric starts to resemble a jacket.  Hmmm, maybe that is the secret to fabric selection, because in other projects I have absolutely loved the fabric and then when the garment is finally finished I'm just 'oh hum' about it.  This project is just the opposite!

I'm really loving the lining of the jacket and with two inner pockets the inside of the jacket will look just as stunning as the outer.

The inside pockets should have had a square of velcro as a closure mechanism - but I'm not a fan so I've chosen to leave it out all together.

The two features of the jacket that I think really add to the overall detail and personality of the jacket is the gathering around the collar and the cuffs.  The cuffs were super fiddly!  

Other than that I've followed the pattern all the way.  Here is what I have so far - isn't the little hanging loop so cute!

 Here is the link to the Minoru Pattern by Sewaholic.

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