Friday, 3 January 2014

RTW Fasting Firsts and Fails

I joined Goodbye Valentino this time last year for 12 months of ready to wear fasting.  This in itself has been amazing for my sewing.  It has made me push my boundaries and try new things and think about what is actually in my wardrobe instead of buying RTW on a whim.

So when Sarah put out the call for RWT Fasters for 2014 I didn't hesitate to take the commitment again.  Although I can't say that it has been any better for my bank balance - I would have spend more money on patterns and fabric in 2013 that I spent on RTW the year before, but hey I'm not complaining at all, I still get to indulge my shopping addiction!

At the beginning of last year I set out to sew one item per month and completely exceeded that as the year progressed.  The more I sew the more I want to make more time in my life to sew, but I think that is just about wanting to get more balance with the things I enjoy.

I've had some firsts and I've had some fails, all in the name learning to sew things that I like wearing and getting my sewing to fit my wardrobe instead of making things I can make but don't really like to wear.

At the top of my "firsts" list is to make pants, actually jeans.  That was a real whoop whoop moment!  I've still got some fit refining to do, but that is about practice, practice, practice.
Jalie Jeans Sep2013
I've learnt how to sew with knits and have some really comfy garments that I wear ALL the time from leggings to tops


Black Bolero

I've really only had one major fail that I haven't finished which was my Robson Coat - I just can't get the sleeves to sit comfortably and I used fusible interfacing that I think was too heavy for the fabric.  It's still hanging waiting for me think of a way to at least make it wearable - finding enthusiasm to tackle it is my biggest problem!

And I have sewn some stuff that I'm just "ho hum" about.  I think most of these were due to fabric choice and patterns that aren't really a fit with my style.

So what is on the radar for 2014?  I don't like to set goals for my sewing, cause once I do that it feels more like work than fun.  I like to indulge my creative whim and sew what takes my fancy at the time.  Although I do have a few things that I want to tackle ... I want to be able to sew all my lingerie, especially learn how to make a good fitting bra.  And I want to keep working on improving my couture techniques and have some truly beautiful pieces in my wardrobe.

Bring on 2014!

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