Monday, 16 September 2013

Side Tracked by underwear

This month I'm sewing along with The Monthly Stitch and Fall for Cotton, and if this wasn't enough to keep me busy I've been easily side tracked into what is worn under these lovely dresses!

Gosh, I don't event know how I got side-tracked but next thing I know I've ordered two bra patterns on Esty, and purchased a panties pattern from a local store so I can have a matching set!  (That's my obsessive compulsive behaviour at it's best!!!)

I realise I can't go from pattern to pretty lingerie over night - well in my head I can but in reality ummm NO!  A girl has to start somewhere, so I started with nickers - more specific nickers for my daughter, who I know isn't fussy and will wear my trial attempts.  So I got this really funky knit from Spotlight and away I went.
Pattern - easy.  Gusset - easy.  Elastic - no so!

Well not that the elastic is hard to measure or sew or anything, it is actually where you place the stitch that makes all the difference.  So what I have learnt?

Always sew to the very far left of the elastic, both when you attach the elastic and when you turn it to finish.  Sorry not showing you my first attempt, other than to say it was a curly mess!
tricot stitch

narrow zig zag stitch

I started with a 12mm elastic (as in these photos), which was good for learning, in that it's not that fiddly under the machine foot.  But I think that a 6-8mm elastic will give a better finish and feel.

Anyway four pairs later and I think I've got it sussed! 

Next, taking on the bra pattern - which all seams relatively straight forward but the key will be acquiring all the right fabric.  That will be another story another day :-)


  1. I've always wanted to try the Pin-up Girls bra sewing patterns, but I've yet to venture into bra sewing land. Good luck!

  2. These look great - I'd love to make some underwear, but I feel so intimidated by it!

    1. I've been reading and reading in order to get my head around it. It took me four pants before I was slightly happy so I expect that there will be a few fails before I feel happy. I think it will be one of those slowly buy surely projects.

  3. I have to say I'm too scared of undies. I find trou crotch curves hard enough and that's as close as I'm gonna get lolol.

    1. Oh these are much, much easier than the crouch on trousers.

  4. Spotty knickers! How cool is that! Good luck with the rest of this project.